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Romantic Floral Fashion For The Modern Bride

Weddings tend to change from time to time. When a dress, venue, or hairstyle becomes popular, you will see it become a trend. The same is true with wedding flowers. Some years brides lean toward single flowers with flowing ribbons, and the next a full bouquet of rosebuds may be the hot look. The modern bride wants the best there is to offer. This year there are some exciting trends. Many of these have not been seen before and some have a modern twist... [Continue Reading]

Looking as Good as your Flowers

When you run a small business, sometimes the work just piles so high you forget about the details. As an owner of a small flower shop, though, you can’t afford to let details like your personal appearance slip past you. It becomes increasingly important the longer your shop is in operation that you maintain a perfect personal appearance. Most people pay great attention to how they look during their soft and grand openings. People rightly assume... [Continue Reading]

How to Pick the Right Flowers For Any Occasion

One of the most stressful undertakings a person can be a part of is the planning and executing of any type of event. There are so many different things you have to consider when planning an event, which can lead to you becoming a bit overwhelmed. If you are looking to add some class and elegance to the event you are planning, you need to think about getting some flowers to adorn the venue you are having the function in. Here are a few tips on finding... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Flowers for a Winter Wedding

We may associate blushing brides with spring and summer, and these certainly tend to be the most popular times of year to hold a wedding. But plenty of couples elect to use the winter season as a backdrop for their nuptials, not to mention using their holiday time off for their honeymoon. Of course, the challenges of planning a winter wedding are a little different than an event held in summer. First and foremost, an indoor wedding and reception are a... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Using Flowers to Stage a Home

Preparing a home for sale is no simple task. Not only will you have to bring in a home inspector to tell you what must be repaired before you can even think about listing your property, but you’ll probably find all kinds of cosmetic issues that could easily tank the sale of your home if they’re not addressed. Aside from clearing out the clutter that you’ve accumulated during your time in the home, including personal items and even... [Continue Reading]

5 Popular Types of Flowers for Summer Weddings

Flowers set the tone for every wedding ceremony and reception. They allow you to coordinate color schemes and bring the whole decor of your event together in a cohesive manner. Floral arrangements are beautiful and come in multiple varieties. Here are 5 of the most popular flower types of flowers to consider for your summer wedding. Sunflowers are a classic flower for the summer months. Sunflowers are vibrant and joyful and can set the tone for your... [Continue Reading]

How to Select the Best Flowers for a Winter Wedding

According to many wedding experts, the most popular months for a wedding to take place are June and October. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to follow tradition. If you happen to be someone who simply loves the holiday season or there is some kind of sentimental significance behind getting married during the wintertime, we say “Go for it!” After all, is there anything more beautiful than a bride in white in the midst of a... [Continue Reading]

Infographic: A Brief History of Wedddings

Courtesy of Moissanite [Continue Reading]

Infographic: 12 Month Wedding Engagement Plan

Presented by Shane Co. engagement rings [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Fake Flowers

Flowers make for a wonderful addition to any décor, whether they are potted plants or fresh-cut blooms from your garden, the farmer’s market, or your favorite local florist. They fill your home with brilliant color, appealing scents, and a beautiful slice of nature within your four walls. Of course, there are also drawbacks to peppering your home with living blooms. For one thing, purchasing fresh flowers can really eat into your... [Continue Reading]

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Flower News

Flower and Garden Show comes to University of Maine
ORONO, Maine. (WABI) - Dean Appleman, Show Prompter said, "This place is packed, it's blooming like spring." "There was a line at the door at 10,this morning which is what we wanted to see” said, Granville Stone & Hearth's Justin Difrederico. Spring's ...

Flower Show at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown
The Garden Club of Irvington-on-Hudson is hosting a GCA Flower Show honoring Washington Irving and his influence upon the Hudson Valley. The show's title is “On the Sunny Side of the Hudson. It's a flower show competition judged by the rigorous ...

Community Invited to April Flower Show
The Dos Valles Garden Club (DVGC) Flower Show, Flora, Fauna & Fantasy will be presented on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28. Enter cut flowers, fruits, veggies on April 25 & 26. The public may enter cut flowers, fruits and vegetables. Other entries ...

Chelsea Flower Show 2018: dates, tickets, transport advice and the best day to go
The Chelsea Flower Show shuttle bus number 811 will depart from Victoria Station, Buckingham Palace Road stop Z5 every 10-15 minutes from 7am-5pm. The 811 departs from Chelsea Bridge Road (closest exit to Barrack Gate) every 10 minutes from 10:30am-8 ...

Andersonville Celebrates Earth Day Weekend With 4th Annual Flower And Garden Show
Though last weekend may make you question that Spring has arrived, this weekend's fourth annual Andersonville Flower and Garden show will surely brighten your outlook. This Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22, plants and flowers will decorate your ...

Coronado Flower Show Floral Fling
The Coronado Flower Show's Floral Fling will be held in the Flower Show tents in Spreckels Park on April 21, 2018. The event will go from 6:30-9:30 and will be held rain or shine. The Floral Fling will feature food samplings from local restaurants ...

DVGC Flower Show Open to Community; Entries Welcomed in Various Categories
The Dos Valles Garden Club (DVGC) Flower Show, Flora, Fauna & Fantasy will be presented on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28. Enter Cut Flowers, Fruits, Veggies on April 25 & 26. The public may enter cut flowers, fruits and vegetables. Other entries ...

Jean McFaddin, Who Made the Macy's Parade What It Is, Dies at 75
“Move over Central Park, the Macy's Flower Show is back in town,” Herbert Muschamp wrote in a review for The Times in April 1996. “For two weeks each year, the world's biggest store is home to New York's most fantastic park: a colorful hybrid of ...

Chelsea Flower Show 2018: Alan Titchmarsh's dos and don'ts for first timers
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the famous annual floral exhibition, will be taking over the Royal Hospital in Chelsea from May 22 to 26. With 10 show gardens, seven artisan gardens and eight 'space to grow' gardens, there is a lot to see over the course ...

Coronado Flower Show Preview
Coronado Flower Show Preview. April 17, 2018. Allie Wagner,. This video is no longer available. No playable sources found. Spreckles Park is transforming into a springtime wonderland this week. KUSI's Allie Wagner was there getting a preview of this ...

A skincare garden will feature at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show
While botanicals have long been utilised in our skincare regimes, it's more surprising to see skin imperfections cropping up in gardens themselves, but that's exactly what garden designer Robert Barker has planned at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 ...

Annual Rhododendron and Azalea Flower Show is April 28
The Southeastern Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society will hold a one-day flower show on Saturday, April 28 at St. John in the Wilderness, Wilderness Room (old Parish Hall), 1895 Greenville Highway, Flat Rock. The judged show will feature ...

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