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With Flowers - How Could You Say It Any Better?

With Flowers - How Could You Say It Any Better?

Whether it be a bouquet or a single stem, nothing is used quite as often to represent both our deepest-felt joys and our hardest-felt sorrows as are flowers. Available in a dizzying array of sizes, colors, and scents, the perfect arrangement of flowers can express nearly any emotion.

Using flowers as a medium of expression has historic beginnings. Flower dictionaries were published as early as the 1800s by the French and contained organized information about the meaning and proper usage of different flower species. The depth can be gaged by the examples, which tells which flower arrangement will denote mourning or celebration just by the direction the marigold is facing in the bouquet!

From a gesture to an unwritten law, gifting flowers has come a long way. Flowers now are an integral part of life's most crucial happenings, be it birth, marriage or death. Can you imagine a maternity ward minus the bright bloom flowers, or a memorial service without the adornment of white lilies, lilacs and roses or for that matter would a bride be a bride in real sense if she walks down the aisle without a bouquet? Flowers have become so much a necessity that we do not feel it until they are missing.

Weddings are perhaps the time to be most creative with an arrangement of flowers. Dating back to earlier times, flowers and herbs were believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride as she embarked upon her new life. Before the ceremony, many couples used specific flowers to send messages to one another during their courtship.

Following are some examples of what the emotions are conveyed by specific flowers: - Daisies and Lilacs denote youthful Innocence, - Love is expressed by Tulips and Red Roses, - Lemon Blossoms convey fidelity in relationship - When the emotion is faithfulness it has to be violets.

Flowers can be highly exclusive for personal salutation. For example, even though irises formally mark a funeral ceremony, but the death of an avid outdoorsman is better expressed by branches and ferns. Similarly, to go out to meet a lighthearted girl called Chrissy for the first time, Chrysanthemums can be presented which are usually held for showing sincere love.

As the old adage goes that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the expression the bouquet conveys is dependent on the understanding of the recipient. The appeal of Red Roses as a romantic gift is universal and can be understood everywhere. However a grouping of poppies signifying extravagance may find it difficult to penetrate many minds. If a flower or an arrangement speaks to you then perhaps bright colors best establish your happiness on success at professional level or a promotion while a single lily may remind you of someone loved at home even though it is normally considered a funeral flower.

Flowers can be clustered and arranged to design an unending sequence of expressions and emotions; they can be of a variety of colors, shapes and arrangements. The fragrance of recently blossomed roses is more refreshing than vivid journals and home movies; they are much better able to evoke the summer memories. Words find it hard to express when it comes to flowers, for such moments can only be relished by breathing their fragrance and enjoying their vivid coloring.

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