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What's the Best Kind of Flowers to Bring on a First Date?

A first date is full of uncertainty, as each partner ask themselves tons of questions: What am I going to wear? How should I behave myself? Will they like me or not? Should I give her flowers? What flowers would be the best on the first date? The list of questions is endless.  Fewer things are as uncertain in life as a first date.

To bring flowers or not

While some women would appreciate flowers on a first date, others seem to be against the idea. Also, some men find the modern woman as being too easy to scare or unpredictable, and for that reason they think flowers may be too much on a first date. Additionally, people barely know each other on the first date, so they may not be aware of the other’s taste, and thus they play it safe by not bringing flowers.

Be ready to handle the situation

All the same, if you decide to bring flowers on the first date, you need to be sure that you can handle all that comes with them, since showing up at the venue of the date with a bunch of flowers while appearing uneasy may send mixed signals, or make you appear to be trying too hard. You may consider seeing how the date goes, and if it turns out incredibly well and you have a friendly conversation that flows naturally, then you can send her flowers the next day as a sign of appreciation for a great date, or you can bring the flowers to your second date.

Some great flower choices

With the increase in people hooking up online through dating sites such as, these potential partners do not know each other’s likes, so it is essential to use some intelligence and advice to make an excellent flower presentation on the first date. You can rarely go wrong enlisting the services of a local florist for the freshest flowers and first-class service and advice. Going to a florist as opposed to a box store gives the impression of having put in the extra effort. Keep the whole thing simple to avoid appearing as if you are trying too hard. The following flowers are some excellent choices for a first date, and will most likely please her:


This flower has an outstanding rose-like beauty, and seems delicate but lasts long, hence keeping her thinking of you. It comes in several colors, but purple ones are more common. As a flower that you don’t see every day, it will show that you put in some effort as well as portray your expertise, which you will have gained from your florist.

Asiatic lily

The yellow or orange ones are a great pick for a first date. The best thing about Asiatic lilies is that they have no fragrance, so you need not worry that she may not like the scent of your gift or is allergic to it.

Single rose (avoid red ones for the first date)

A red rose is associated with romance, so it may be too early to bring it on the first date, but that is for you to figure out. Orange roses would be great, and although they open quite quickly, they last a long time, and the sight of an open rose is just amazing.

Purple carnation

They may be ordinary, but the purple color will melt her heart. These flowers also last for a longer time—about two weeks—so they will keep her memories of you alive for some time.

Gerbera daisy

This flower expresses cheerfulness. It looks so warm and cheery, and without an iota of doubt it will leave a smile on her face, and is thus apt for a first date.


Flowers can be a great thing on the first date, when done correctly. Getting flowers with some meaning, for example orchids, which signify delicate beauty, or Gerbera daisies, which show happiness, will likely earn you extra points. Also, it will show that you put in some extra effort to the date and signify that there is more than meets the eye.

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