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How to Take Care of Cut Flowers so They Last Longer

You received a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from a top florist in Las Vegas. Now you want to enjoy the colorful flowers for as long as possible. Every time you see the lovely gift, it fills you with positive feelings. When the blossoms begin to wilt and the foliage dries up, you lose that special feeling. Do not worry! There are things you can do to take care of cut flowers and help them last longer than you imagined possible. Follow these tips.

Choose the Best Flower Shop

How long your flowers last starts with the source. Many shops buy wholesale flowers far in advance and leave them sitting on shelves for days before someone buys them. If you want the bouquet to last a long time, buy it from top-quality places. A Las Vegas flower delivery specialist like Whispers and Honey makes sense. You know you get the freshest and newest options, so they will not fade in just a day or two.

Water Cut Flowers Right Away (and Frequently)

As soon as you buy a floral arrangement for yourself or receive one as a gift from someone else, get it in water right away. Use a suitable vase or other container. Many bouquets come in vases direct from the shop. Dump out the existing water and refill to the same level with fresh, clean water.

Only cover the ends of the stems. Avoid getting any foliage or flower parts submerged as this can lead to rotting and bacteria growth. Also, check and change the water frequently when displaying the bouquet. Think fresh for longer flower life.

Trim the Stems at an Angle

Flat stems may lie against the edge of the vase and block water absorption. Also, the cut ends will deteriorate more quickly than the rest of the structure. Use a clean, sharp knife or scissors to trim the very end off at an angle before setting the bouquet in fresh water.

Display Flowers in a Cool Spot Away from Direct Sunlight

Colorful blossoms may shine in a bright window, but the hot sun will make them dry out more quickly. Display the perfect bouquet on a table or shelf away from direct sunlight and harsh UV rays. Most flowers like roses, daisies, lilies, and more do best at room temperature or slightly cooler. The florist in Las Vegas undoubtedly kept them in a refrigerated case to increase longevity, so it makes sense to avoid excessive heat afterward.

Consider Flower Food or Other Additives

Many flower shops and garden centers sell flower food specifically formulated for cut arrangements. Follow the instructions on the bottle or box to add just the right amount to the vase. Some people swear by adding a tiny bit of aspirin, bleach, soda, apple cider vinegar, sugar, or even vodka to the water! It might be best to stick with recommended products specifically made to help your flowers last as long as possible, however.

The longest lasting flowers start with the best Las Vegas same day flower delivery from a trusted source like Whispers and Honey. Explore our full range of special occasion bouquets, floral and keepsake gifts, and arrangements that truly show how much you care.

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