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Prepping and Conditioning Your Flowers For Longevity and Brilliance

From the moment that flowers are harvested to the time that they’re selected and arranged in  vases, they must be handled delicately. More importantly, as the blooms are cut from their shrubs the care or lack thereof that is given to them will determine just how long that floret will last. For florists, a flower’s longevity can either contribute to or detract from their bottom line, so to say that flower conditioning is critical is a definite understatement. Here are four of the most commonly used cut flowers for flower arrangements and the sort of preparation and conditioning required for them to flourish.


Once receiving your cut sunflowers, place them in lukewarm water and give them a fresh (diagonal) cut. It is important to ensure that the stem is submerged in water as you cut in order to prevent air bubbles in the stem. Once you have all of your stems cut, add lukewarm water and flower food to a clean container and place all of your fresh sunflowers in the bucket. Place your container of blooms in a cold floral refrigerator (if available) until you’re ready to use it. Keep sunflowers out of direct sunlight and away from strong winds. Change out your container’s water every 2 days.


Similar to sunflowers, hydrangeas tend to form clots in their stems that may prevent water passage to the heads of the flower. This causes premature wilting, browning, and drying of the bloom. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using some sort of Quick Dip product. Quick Dip helps in the hydration process by improving the flow of liquids through the stem.  Once you receive your hydrangeas, give them a diagonal cut while submerged in water and then dip them (for 1 second) in your Quick Dip solution before placing them in a container with flower food. This will increase the chances of water absorption and decrease the likelihood of clots forming in the hydrangea stem. In addition, hydrangeas are able to absorb water through their actual blooms (the heads of the flowers) so right before storing your container spray the hydrangea heads with clean water until they are dripping of water. Keep your hydrangeas in a cool and dark room until you’re ready to use them. Change out your container’s water every 2 days.


Roses, like hydrangea, can be very delicate flowers to work with and the way you care for them will tell you just how long your blooms will last. Upon receiving your roses, give your stems a fresh diagonal cut while submerged in water. Being careful not to take too much of the length off of the stem, you’ll want to cut at least one inch off of the bottom. Place your freshly cut stems in a fresh container containing flower food. Similar to the hydrangea, roses are able to absorb water through their heads so feel free to spray clean water to all of your rose heads to enhance water absorption. Store your roses in a dark cooler/floral refrigerator until your ready to use them. If you don’t have a floral cooler place them in a cool and dark room, making sure to keep them away from any sunlight. Change out your container’s water every 2 days.


Freshly cut carnations can last up to three weeks with proper care and attention. Cut your carnations underwater at a diagonal slant. You’ll want to hydrate your flowers in a clean container containing warm water and flower food. Once your carnations are cut and placed in their buckets, store them in a dark floral cooler until you’re ready to use them. Change out your container’s water every 2 days.

Regardless of the type of flower, ensure that the bloom’s foliage remains above the waterline. Fallen foliage that gets into the water becomes bacteria forming and can shorten the life of your flowers and flower arrangements. As florists, especially florists in the Las Vegas area, it is important to ensure that your blooms are long-lasting and vibrant. A same-day flower delivery in Las Vegas requires quick floral arranging in order to fulfill these last-minute orders, and, as such, pre-conditioning will prove to be a tremendous benefit to growing your customer base. Having one of the biggest flower markets in the country, a flower delivery in Las Vegas, and customer loyalty isn’t guaranteed until your floral company has a proven track record for fresh, long-lasting blooms!

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