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Flowers: An Essential Wedding Element

Whether you're planning a wedding for the first time or you've done it before, new ideas are always helpful. Flowers are a wedding day must-have, and here are five tips for maximizing your floral effects.

Tip #1 - Try a Mixed Bouquet

The Bouquet is an important accessory to the bride as well as a cultural symbol of marriage. Because it will be in many of the photos and everyone who attends your wedding will see the bouquet, having a wedding bouquet that will look good all day is important. One good way to make a wedding bouquet more durable and yet still have it be fragrant is to make the bouquet out of artificial flowers and then mix a few real flowers in for the smell. Roses are good flowers to mix in because they are so fragrant, and artificial flowers are more durable and will help protect the real flowers from damage. This way you can have a durable bouquet that people can still smell. If you get good fake flowers most people won't even know they are artificial.

Tip #2 - Flowers as Accents

They don't just have to be used in a vase or a bouquet they can be combined with table decorations, backdrops and even the serving trays. Flowers can be used as accents around the room where you have your wedding to create a stunning effect. A good example is to put long stem roses along with other greenery in a white arbor over the door where the guests enter. Another idea is to simply put a small picture (like a 4"x 6") on the table in a nice frame that fits your theme. Then lay a single red rose in front of the picture to accent it. Again, these are simple ways to use flowers at your wedding but they can have a big effect.

Tip #3 - Try Rose Petals

Rose petals are a quick way to decorate flat surfaces. Rose petals can be sprinkled on the table where the guestbook is to add a little more class to the book. They can also be used on the table where the food is served as accents. There is a company that sells embossed rose petals. They are petals that have a personalized message printed with on them. Some couples print their name and their marriage date on the petals. These make a nice effect by adding an element of novelty.

Tip #4 - Pen Bouquet at the Signing Table

If you are creative you can make a bouquet out of the pens for signing the guestbook. If done right it can be elegant and fun, instead of looking like a grocery store pen holder. The trick here is to either use, high quality artificial flowers or real flowers and attach them to the top of the pens. A Florist can help you wrap the pens in such a way that they look more like flowers than pens. This is a tricky thing to pull off but it can be quite fun.

Tip #5 - Potted Flowers are Fun

Using live potted flowers can be a lot of fun and different. Potted plants are generally better for spring weddings as you can get them in brighter colors in the spring. Plants make great centerpieces at your wedding. They also last longer so you can purchase them earlier than cut flowers, saving time close to your wedding day. After the ceremonies are over they can be used as wedding favors. These wedding favors might actually be kept and remembered.

Good luck on all your wedding plans!

Justin Grover is a customer account specialist at 10x Marketing. For more ideas and fun floral tips visit Speaking Roses.