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5 Tips for Staging a Home With Flowers

If you’re someone who has recently put your house on the market and you’ve consulted with a real estate agent about some of the things that you can do in order to make it sell quicker, one of the things that they might have told you is that you should make sure to stage it. Staging basically means that you will decorate your home in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to prospective buyers so that they will be drawn in, not just by the features that you have in your home, but the visual possibilities that you’ve created as well.

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to stage your home is with flowers. If you’d like a few tips on how you can do that, we have five for you below:

Build a flower garden. Is there any house that has a flower garden out front that doesn’t catch our eye? Indeed, nothing truly says “home” quite like a flower bed full of perennials like Peruvian lilies, asters, coneflowers, lavenders and Forget-Me-Nots. So, being that the outside of your house is what provides people of a first impression of what to look forward to inside, a flower garden is definitely something to consider having.

Create a dining room centerpiece. There are many homes that have a dining room centerpiece. It’s a nice touch, especially when entertaining guests and if you want to sell your home, you should anticipate having quite a few visitors. Whether it’s a vertical, oval or triangular arrangement, flowers like roses, carnations and peonies are all nice ones to put into a centerpiece of your own.

Put some on the master bedroom nightstand. The master bedroom is to be a place where people can escape the everyday demands of life and get a little rest and relaxation. Flowers on the nightstand by the bed is a great way to encourage people to think about doing just that. If you enjoy tulips, calla lilies or even orchids, putting them in a vase in the master bedroom will make the space both fragrant and peaceful.

Use it in your home office. If you consulted with a real estate company like Katy Homes for Sale, another thing that you might have heard is that you can increase the value of your house with a home office. So, if you have one (or plan to create one), definitely do all that you can to “dress it up”. A bowl full of daisies or hydrangeas on your desk are always a nice touch.

In an “unexpected space”. Whether you have a quaint little cottage or you own several properties and you have some medical center homes for sale, placing some flowers in some unexpected places can make a really nice statement too. Maybe it’s the corner in your study or on the windowsill in the kitchen or bathroom. And the great thing is that no matter what spot you choose, it only takes a quick run to your local grocery store or a call to your local florist to have a beautiful floral arrangement in just a matter of moments. It’s definitely a small way to make a “beautifully big” difference in any room of your house.

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