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How to Find a Reputable Florist for Your Wedding

Although it does tend to happen on occasion, when attending a wedding, it’s pretty rare that you won’t see some flowers. As a matter of fact, now that we think about it, quite a bit of flowers. There are flowers that are used to decorate the wedding ceremony venue, flowers that are used in the bride and bridal party’s bouquets and flowers that are a part of the centerpieces in the reception hall. We can certainly understand why. Flowers are beautiful, fragrant and a nice decor touch to any wedding event.

However, even with all of the wonderful things that flowers are able to do, if there’s one thing that any former bride will tell you is that they don’t tend to come cheap. Actually, one of the things that usually goes on the top of the list of wedding expenses, are flowers.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with some tips on how to find a reputable florist for your wedding. One who will create the “perfect floral vision” that you desire without breaking your wedding day budget in the process.

Look for some referrals. One tried and true suggestion that applies to seeking out basically any kind of service is to speak to your family members, friends or co-workers who have used someone that they would have no problem recommending. This is definitely something that you should do before going online or visiting various florists in your area.

Speak to more than one. It’s going to be a pretty rare instance when you will encounter a rude florist. That’s because they know that a big part of their business consists of being extremely kind and courteous to their (prospective) customers. So, going with the first company that you talk to may be tempting, but don’t forget that they do run a business and so they are going to say all that they can to make you feel like they are the best one to go with. However, it’s smart to not commit to the first florist that you meet. Speak with several until you find the one that is the ideal fit.

Know some things to get the best price. Even when it comes to floral arrangements, there are some ways to get the best kind of deal. If at all possible, try avoid booking your wedding a week within a major holiday (especially Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when flowers tend to be the most expensive). Choose flowers that are reasonable in price (certain kinds of roses and asters are, orchids and gardenias are not). And, when it comes to centerpieces, seek to use big blooms and then greenery for fillers. A reliable florist will probably mention some of these things during your initial consultation.

Ask to see their portfolio. Although all florists are trained to do weddings, that doesn’t automatically mean that they all have a style that you’ll like. So, make sure to ask to see their portfolio and if they have a website, look for what the comments from their clients say. An online reputation can tell you a lot about a company.

Make sure they are easily accessible. It is standard to meet with the florist that you select at least three times before your big day. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have a lot of questions in between those visits though, so make sure that you go with someone who can assure you that they will be easily accessible. Also, before making a commitment, ask them if they already have a wedding scheduled for that day. If they do, you might want to go with another company. You definitely want a florist that will able to give you their undivided attention. It is your wedding day, after all.

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