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Floral Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

Now that summer is just around the corner it is time to pull out that floral pattern dress, shirt, blouse or even shoes. Now that the trees and the flowers have all bloomed, it is time for you to bloom too. Floral patterns are the ultimate staple of spring and summer fashion. In fact, floral fashion has been all the rage for hundreds of years – it is one of those fashion trends that’s never gone out of style. The floral pattern originated when European explorers and traders would bring back fabric ornately detailed with flowers and other flora from India and other parts of Asia. Soon the floral look was everywhere. However, there is certainly a wrong way and a right way to rock the floral look. Here are some of the floral fashion do’s and don’ts.

Do keep it simple. The floral look is already all over the place. If you are going to wear a cocktail evening dress with a floral pattern, make sure that you don’t mix it with other items that have a pattern that might clash. This could include stripes, herringbone, checkers or even something a little more abstract. The key to pulling off the floral look is to keep it low key – nothing over the top. Simplicity amounts to classiness when it comes to floral fashion.

Don’t ever wear two types of floral patterns. The whole floral on floral look is not a look – it’s a sartorial disaster. If you have a floral pair of jeans, try to avoid carrying around a floral purse or floral hat. Chances are that the two floral patterns have two different fabric types, which makes it even more of a disaster. When it comes to floral fashion, it is important not to let the whole floral look get the best of you – you don’t want to look like poorly applied wallpaper.

Do wear floral patterns when the season is right. Unless you want to stand out like a sore thumb in the winter, don’t wear anything floral unless you are really trying to make a fashion statement or are trying to liven up a deciduous garden. The time to wear floral anything is in the spring or summer time. The golden floral rule is: anytime before April and never after Labor Day. Everything they say about not wearing white after Labor Day should be applied to floral fashion.

Don’t wear floral everyday. You will undoubtedly become the person who wears floral everyday and that is not always the best designation. It will start to raise questions, like “Why are you wearing floral everyday?” Soon enough, questions unanswered will turn into educated guesses and then hypotheses will turn into judgments and so on – no one wants that. When it comes to floral fashion – spread it out. Even if you love the floral look, you don’t want to become the person that looks like they are wearing the same thing every single day. However, you might be able to get away with it by mixing up the fashion items that do have a floral pattern. For instance, one day wear a floral dress and the other a pair of shoes. The more you mix it up the more days you can wear floral, but this is the only exception.